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Nielsen Bainbridge Artcare™ products offer industry-leading protection for art and photos. Only Artcare products contain patented micro-chambers that proactively trap and neutralize harmful gases that can cause fading, yellowing and deterioration.

A unique combination of zeolites and buffers traps and neutralizes oxidizing gases, other pre-acidic gases and harmful byproducts—giving Artcare boards the ability to actively protect art and photographs against attack by external pollutants and internal vices. Artcare stops air pollution in its tracks and keeps it away from your photograph or artwork. The result is a framed piece that stays forever young.

Backed by extensive scientific testing, Artcare technology is trusted by many of the world’s leading museums and archives, including the Library of Congress, to protect historic artifacts and documents.

Made in the USA

All Bainbridge matboards are manufactured in their own laminating facility, located in the heartland of America. This factory is solely dedicated to the careful manufacture of board products for the framer and graphic artist, with a fully integrated inspection, lamination and packaging process. A state-of-the-art, on-site quality control laboratory ensures that Bainbridge boards meet and exceed all industry standards for color consistency, preservation attributes and unparalleled quality.

Content descriptions used with permission from Nielsen-Bainbridge.